Robot Weekend

We’ve just finished our robot weekend.  Four students came, robots were designed, wood was cut, numbers were crunched, formulae were derived, algorithms were tweaked, code was written, and two working robots emerged, ready for combat.  Congratulations to Charlie, Alan, Jozef and Danica on some ingenious engineering to build the tiniest robots we’ve had so far.  Both robots took on the obstacle course challenge, but were unable to threaten the pace setters from our summer school, as you can see from the updated leader board.

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3 Responses to Robot Weekend

  1. Jacques says:

    Nice looking robots.

    Although I see that bluetac is still the material of choice for keeping the batteries in place 😀

    Was Jozef’s robot not a bit too heavy with the battery pack mounted like that?


  2. Jacques says:

    Sorry that was meant to be top heavy!


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