Records old, records new, robots borrowed, robots, er, pink

Here are the latest students from my Introduction to Robotics course.


Rachel, Maxie, Ali, Joe

Unfortunately, due to a still unexplained electronic failure, Joe’s robot didn’t make it to the competition.  Ali made a kind offer, which I think he now regrets, to lend Joe his robot for the race.  With some unbelievable driving skills, Joe guided Ali’s skillfully-crafted vehicle around the course in a record 22 seconds, shaving an incredible 20 seconds off the previous fastest time.  I still can’t quite believe it!  Ali himself managed 37 and 42 seconds, so the three fastest times ever recorded have all been with Ali’s speed machine!  Beat that!

If there was a prize for cutest robot, Rachel and Maxie would certainly win.  Adorned with its pink wings, this tiny robot has been added to my “not to be recycled” collection.


Flaming Turtle




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