A variety of electronics projects

Today we completed our first ever Introduction to Electronics and Programming course.  Using Raspberry Pi computers programmed using Python, over just 2 days students built:

  • A digital-to-analogue “one-hand-mulitple-LEDs” clock using a stepper motor to control the hand.
  • A 3-way parent sensor, using an IR beam, contact switch and PIR to detect parents approaching
  • A gamepad, using buttons to control movements and actions, all wrapped in a neat wooden box
  • A plotter, using a stepper motor to move a pen to make drawings



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3 Responses to A variety of electronics projects

  1. crackingfelt says:

    Really liking these new projects you are building.


    • crackingfelt says:

      Hmm, I wonder if you could replace the plotter with a Dremel, to make an engraver.


      • Yes indeed. I’d like to make a CNC router at some point. We attempted to make an XY plotter, but made an X plotter! Y was done manually (by pulling and pushing the paper!). But still not bad for a 2-day beginner’s course in electronics. Hopefully the students will come back to add the Y another day!


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