We’ve recently kicked off our CoderDojo sessions at the University of West London in Ealing.  For those of you who don’t know about CoderDojo, it’s an amazing initiative started in 2011 in Ireland but now operating in over 70 countries offering attendees free coding activities!  All sessions are run by volunteers and attendees can be between 7 and 17.  In September and October we had the following sessions in Ealing:

  • Robots with Raspberry Pis
  • Robot creatures with Micro:bits
  • HTML
  • Scratch
  • Micro:bit programming
  • Robotic arms

Hopefully we’ll be adding some more in the future.

The sessions are attracting around 40+ students each month, so are clearly popular.

I’m grateful to the volunteers who have helped make these initial sessions a success: Lianne, Marco, Mikel, Maya, Luke, Mincy, Avye, Helene, Phil, Emily, Spencer, George, Vani, Kintesh, Felix, Rob, Hanif, Luke, The UWL Outreach Team and the UWL Student Ambassadors.


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