Meet Floella, the Think Create Learn Robot

Meet Floella, our house robot

Hello, Floella

This is Floella, our house robot who made her debut at the robotics summer school last week.  Floella can be remote controlled, but really likes being let loose on her own, following lines and avoiding obstacles.  Floella was up against 3 robots created by our summer school students.  How did she fare?  Results tables will be posted soon…

In the meantime, take a look at our gallery for photos of our students and their robots in action.



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Raspberry Jam

We attended the Egham Raspberry Jam on Sunday.  For those who aren’t familiar with this concept, it has nothing to do with preserving an over-abundant harvest of soft fruit.  It’s actually a meet-up event for makers and would-be-makers of things using the Raspberry Pi computer.  Mikel and I set up a table to show the robot we made for Pi Wars as well as the robot we will make in our Build a Robot course.

We also launched our piPod music player, to a reception of intrigue and puzzlement!   It’s built around the program created in our Introduction to Python course.  More on that in a future blog.

The audience was a mixture of families and enthusiasts, and it was fun talking about everything from algorithmic challenges and education in computing to knitting octopuses! It was also encouraging to talk to some incredibly bright kids with a real aptitude for computational thinking.

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Raspberry Pi Monitor Mounting

For many of the courses I will be running, I intend to use the incredibly cheap Raspberry Pi as the main computer.  For example, the Python course needs nothing more that what’s already on the standard Raspbian OS.  I picked up some secondhand Dell P2214h monitors on ebay.  These are ideal partners for the Pi.  Here the are together:

Raspberry Pi and Dell Monitor

Pi and Dell Monitor

However, once you add all the cables you get quite a mess:



You will see in the first photo there is a convenient hole in the monitor stand which can be used to push cables through.  I thought I could use this to mount the Pi onto the monitor stand and hopefully come up with a neater setup.  Here’s what I created with some 6mm ply:

Raspberry Pi Mount for Dell Monitor

Pi Mount

The Pi can be mounted neatly with the cables tucked behind the monitor:


Pi Mounted

At the back of the monitor stand you can see how the rear of the mount has been fed through the hole and twisted to lock it into position:


Pi Mounted Rear

I intentionally left the front of the Pi exposed as I want students to really take a look at the kit rather than just seeing sealed boxes.

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Creative Learning

Welcome to the blog for Think Create Learn, providing hands-on learning for students looking to get into further education, apprenticeships or work in programming, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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