February robotics sessions

Over 7 consecutive days, 8 students arrived for the Robotics Half Term Week and Robotics Weekend.  We had:

  • a new slowest robot,
  • the two tiniest robots ever with their ingenious vertical battery design,
  • a couple of colourful, spray-painted specimens,
  • a gin-and-tonic carrying robot
  • a beautifully simple (and easy to cut!) design
  • dancing robots
  • plenty of comical driving

I hope to post some videos soon, but here are a few pictures.

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Turing House CoderDojo

On Feb 3rd I took a few robot arms along to the Turing House CoderDojo in Teddington.  There were 66 children undertaking a variety of programming activities.  My table of 4 students soon got their robots picking up lego figures and depositing them in odd places.  Take a look at the event blog here.

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Records old, records new, robots borrowed, robots, er, pink

Here are the latest students from my Introduction to Robotics course.


Rachel, Maxie, Ali, Joe

Unfortunately, due to a still unexplained electronic failure, Joe’s robot didn’t make it to the competition.  Ali made a kind offer, which I think he now regrets, to lend Joe his robot for the race.  With some unbelievable driving skills, Joe guided Ali’s skillfully-crafted vehicle around the course in a record 22 seconds, shaving an incredible 20 seconds off the previous fastest time.  I still can’t quite believe it!  Ali himself managed 37 and 42 seconds, so the three fastest times ever recorded have all been with Ali’s speed machine!  Beat that!

If there was a prize for cutest robot, Rachel and Maxie would certainly win.  Adorned with its pink wings, this tiny robot has been added to my “not to be recycled” collection.


Flaming Turtle




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Ham CoderDojo

I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Ham CoderDojo, which took place last weekend at Kingston University.  Peter Wolf and the team have done an amazing job building this monthly event up over the past 3 years.  Eighty-seven (yes 87!) kids arrived to learn how to code and make a variety of digital devices.  I’m looking forward to next month’s event.

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Our latest students

Three students, with 3 different objectives, but no Python programming experience, built and programmed their robots in our November robot weekend.  Callum is looking to study robotics at university, David came just for fun, and Helene came to learn so she can teach kids at CoderDojos.

We have robots!

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More Robots – Records Smashed!!

Our Robot Half Term week saw records tumble.  Not only did we have our two youngest students ever (aged 11), but the records for the obstacle course and the line following course were both broken due to a combination of inspired last-minute code tweaking, favourable weather conditions, and a bit of good luck.  (I bet you are wondering how the weather affects an indoor competition, but it does!).  Check out the updated leader board for details.  In the meantime, I’m going back to the drawing board to see how I can reclaim top spot…


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Robot Weekend

We’ve just finished our robot weekend.  Four students came, robots were designed, wood was cut, numbers were crunched, formulae were derived, algorithms were tweaked, code was written, and two working robots emerged, ready for combat.  Congratulations to Charlie, Alan, Jozef and Danica on some ingenious engineering to build the tiniest robots we’ve had so far.  Both robots took on the obstacle course challenge, but were unable to threaten the pace setters from our summer school, as you can see from the updated leader board.

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